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Name:Rare Pepe
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meme vault
Comments:O captain, my captain
May 22, 2015 21:59:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Ferris Halemeh
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Comments:Mr. Lawrence is officially the most over qualified teacher in the world
January 29, 2015 14:04:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Daniel West
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Kell High School
Comments:Hi, Mr. Lawrence
March 7, 2014 18:31:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Victoria Manzano
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Ages past; distant locales
Comments:Followed your message from awhile ago to your site. Have read your poetry and blog entries, and find the tunes used to tie up your thoughts do indeed take me back to high school days and those Va. years soon after. ...long ago, and far away.... Enjoyed what I read. Didn't know you had such a deep guru-ish bond to hippie-thinkingness manifesting as love of words and what they can do and where they may take the wondering soul. Keep in touch as you wish. V.
March 6, 2011 20:41:23 (GMT Time)